We’re a kinky, queer mid-30’s fat couple with children. Obviously, we use pseudonyms to protect our identity. Here’s a snapshot of the whole family.

Mary is a former sex toy sales rep. She worked for large MLM party plan and small “sex-positive” companies for over 5 years. Mary holds a Bachelor of Science and was planning to attend medical school before life changed directions. She has 10 years experience in biomedical research at the bench, as a lab supervisor, and as a project coordinator (paper pusher). She now runs this blog while home schooling Youngest. Mary has psychoaffective Bipolar 2, and often writes about her struggles in business, parenting, marriage, and life in general.

Carrie is a genderfluid queer AMAB, and goes by they/them or she/her pronouns. They are a gamer geek at heart, having met their wife through an online role playing game. They hail from the Midwest but now are stuck in the South, where summers are too hot and snow shuts the city down. They travel often for work, and must maintain a cis male mask to maintain the family’s financial stability. Carrie is also demisexual and panromantic. They love anal play and can have many prostate orgasms in a session, but sessions are few and far between. This blog is more of a hobby for them.

Oldest is cismale and 17. He is a typical teenager in many respects. He works at a movie theater and currently has a girlfriend. He’s a romantic at heart who loves rock music genres. He experiences depression spirals, and may be bipolar like his mother. His grades leave much to be desired and are a common source of conflict in the house. He knows about the blog but doesn’t read it. He does occasionally have to sign for boxes of dildos.

Youngest is cisfemale and 10. She is the only one in the house who seems to be free of mental illness. She always looks on the bright side and is a true extrovert. She loves pink, purple, glitter, Minecraft, and math, but art is her true passion. She is a creative spirit. She one day hopes to be either a veterinarian because she loves kitties, or a flight attendant because she likes helping people and clouds. She’s oblivious to the blog but has had a healthy, comprehensive sex education so far. It’s just another part of life (and a funny word).