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Confession: Hotel Pay Per View Porn on Our Honeymoon

Carrie and I met on the Internet and fell in love at a distance. About the time they proposed, I’d landed a job 600 miles away from my hometown. Since it paid well and their field was more in demand, we decided to move to a city new to the both of us. We […]


Review: Tenga Flip Hole Silver 1

I’ll preface this review by saying that I’m not a big fan of masturbation sleeves. I find that, for me, most of them are a combination of a lack of firmness, boring internal design, not enough control, and a bitch to clean. What can I say? My penis has very specific tastes. […]

Confession: I just can’t today 1

The Holidays are a hard time of year for me, and today has been overwhelmingly difficult. I just can’t today. I’m sorry. I had this beautiful, hilarious post for you last night, but when I went to save the draft, an error occurred and the entire thing was lost. I […]

Why I Do What I Do: They Rejected Porous Sex Toys

My Friday night party this weekend had me a little worried. I live in a predominantly Hispanic community. This can pose a few issues when talking about sex and sexuality because of cultural taboos and socioeconomic factors. The hostess had, in fact, texted me before the party asking if I […]

Review: LELO Ina 2 1

Have you ever looked at a sex toy and instantly known you wanted it? I didn’t think I could be sexually attracted to objects until I saw the LELO Ina 2 for the first time. Sleek, curvy, practical, available in colors other than pink – what’s not to love? The LELO Ina […]

3 Things Sex Toy Party Reps Say behind Your Back When Your Party Sucks

My job as a sex toy party rep is usually pretty awesome. The money is great, the hours are my own, and I’ve made a lot of great friends. The great majority of hostesses and guests are reasonable human beings. However, there are times when hostesses and guests really try our patience, […]

10 Reasons Sex Toy Party Reps Hate Bachelorette Parties 1

We call them bach parties. No matter how happy we are for the bride, deep, deep, down behind our eerily happy Stepford Wives smiles, beneath The Secret masks of positivity, we steel ourselves at the mention of them. Usually, we’re contacted by the maid of honor. Here are 10 reasons we […]

Disgruntled Pink Monkey Cock Ring